Wisdom teeth extractions: Wisdom teeth grow in during the teenage years and are the last permanent teeth to erupt. Wisdom teeth that grow in crooked or those that partially emerge or are covered by gum tissue (impacted wisdom teeth) can cause painful crowding and swelling. Wisdom teeth can damage the root surface of the adjacent molar, can cause the gum tissue to be inflamed, swollen, tender, and can cause cavities to form due to the difficulty in keeping wisdom teeth clean.  At Cayuga Dental we examine all children between the ages of 16-19 to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and whether or not the wisdom tooth should be extracted. It is often simpler to have the wisdom tooth taken out at an earlier stage as they have developed less roots and will have less complications. After wisdom tooth surgery, Dr. Chiu will be available to address any concerns during the healing process both during and after office hours.