Are you or your children involved in some type of organized sport? No matter what sport you are involved in, a sports mouth guard can save you from costly and painful injuries later on. Protective mouth guards sold at sporting goods stores are not as effective as a custom made sports mouth guard from Cayuga Dental. Mouth guards sold in sporting goods stores cannot be moulded to fit your teeth, which force you to keep your teeth clenched together. A custom fit mouth guard not only stays in place without the need to clench your teeth, it also makes it impossible for you to confuse your mouth guard with another person’s mouth guard.


Night Guards are protective appliances to prevent the fracture of teeth, reduce jaw pain, and prevent the damaging effects of clenching and grinding. Most people are not aware of their clenching and grinding habits as it tends to occur during sleep.  In fact, studies have shown that 70% of people clench their teeth due to stress or anxiety. At your checkup, we look for chipped teeth, unusually or excessively worn down teeth, and sore jaw muscles to determine the most effective night guard for you.