Working with kids is often challenging because they are not always able to sit through an examination and are not cooperative during treatment. We believe that the dentist and the staff in the office need to gain the trust of the children and make them comfortable during the dental procedure.  We make sure that we use simple and pleasant words before and during the procedure to put the child at ease.  Our office believes that it is very important to have regular checkups especially during the developmental stages when baby teeth are growing in and when the adult teeth replace the baby teeth. At the regular checkups, the hygienist and the dentist will look to make sure that the teeth are developing normally and that any issues that are found can be addressed earlier and resolved more effectively. Much like how children are hesitant to attend their first day in school, children who are brought to their regular checkups will overcome their initial fear of the dentist and will look forward to their next dental appointment. Preventing dental disease and treating decay early will set the child up for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for many years to come.