Crowns – A crown or a cap is a covering that fits over a damaged, discolored, decayed, or root canal treated tooth. A crown can improve your smile just as well as a veneer can but will added the extra benefit of strengthening a damaged tooth. Crowns can be connected together to form a bridge and can replace missing teeth. Just like veneers, crowns can be customized by our laboratory technician to improve your smile complimentary of Cayuga Dental.


Bridges – Simply put, a bridge is several crowns that are connected together to span the space of a missing tooth/teeth.  Bridges are a conventional way to replace missing teeth and can create very natural and lifelike results.  One advantage of a bridge is that not only does it replace missing teeth, it can strengthen the teeth beside the missing tooth as it will cover and protect the adjacent teeth.  A bridge does not require a surgical procedure and there is no recovery time necessary after a bridge is completed. To ensure that a bridge is appropriate, we will need to assess the condition of the gums and the health of your teeth before designing the bridge that is best for you.