Bonding – One of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of teeth is by Bonding. Bonding can be used to improve the appearance of chipped teeth, minor spacing between teeth, irregularities, and discolored teeth. Bonding can also help reduce sensitivity for people who have receding gum lines or worn down teeth. The biggest advantage of bonding is that oftentimes, no freezing is required and that the shape of the underlying tooth is not altered.  Ask us today if Bonding is appropriate for your teeth.


Veneers – A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that covers the visible surface of your tooth. Veneers are an excellent option to correct the color, shape, size, alignment, and spacing of your teeth. To make sure that you are happy with the appearance of the veneers, we will discuss what you don’t like about your current smile and how we can improve it. We can also make a model showing you how the final result will look like before we even start the procedure. After the veneers are made from the laboratory and are ready to be bonded, a technician will come into the office to customize the shade of the veneer to match your smile.  This appointment with the technician is complimentary of Cayuga Dental as we want to make sure that your veneers are as lifelike as possible.


Whitening – Drinking coffee, tea, wine, eating certain foods, aging, and smoking can lead to a smile you no longer feel comfortable with. Ask us about whitening options to brighten your smile.